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Get Ready for World Stroke Day 2018!

The World Stroke Day 2018 campaign website is now live

29 Oktober 2018 




Speak with One Voice on the 29th October 

By coming together as one on World Stroke Day we can bring more attention to the things that matter globally and locally. The Branding Guide is there to help you work up local campaigns that work for your local context, while helping the stroke community speak with one voice on World Stroke Day. Use the brand guidelines and the messaging framework to help align your local work with the global campaign. If you need advice contact

Spread the Word 


  • Our World Stroke Day posters are designed to be printed and displayed anywhere people gather. Use them to help to direct your audiences to local information and support as well as to the World Stroke Campaign website.

Social media

  • Make sure you are following the World Stroke Campaign on Facebook and twitter.  If you have an active online community, get them ready to blog, tweet and post their stories of stroke recovery. Make sure you tag your posts with the 2018 official #UpAgainAfterStroke hashtag. The toolkit provides ready-made resources to help.


  • Use your website to help spread the word about World Stroke Day. Digital banners in a range of sizes have been designed help highlight World Stroke Day and link World Stroke Campaign web page.

Support Survivors and Caregivers

Our brochure focuses on the challenges of life after stroke and some of the practical ways in which patients and caregivers can get #UpAgainAfterStroke. Print them out and share along with information about local sources of support. Use the campaign to highlight local services and resources too!

Campaign Resources in Translation

The World Stroke Day Toolkit in English and Portuguese is available to download now.  French, Spanish, German, Russian and Chinese translations are on the way.  If you would like to support translation into another language and has some design capacity to produce local materials, we would be delighted to provide the files you need. Email us at

Influence the future

We are working on our forward strategy for the World Stroke Campaign and want to make sure it reflects the priorities and needs of our members and stakeholders. We’ve developed an online questionnaire to gather experiences of the campaign over the past three years and how you would like us to work in future. Please complete this by October 5th.